Red Admiral

8 1/2″  x 6″ x 1″
An illustrated, autobiographic story by the painter, small-time dinghy adventurer, David Weston of Mevagissey. The theme is an improbable circumnavigation of Cornwall. Thirty three colour reproductions of his work and many ‘deviations’ explain his arrival at painting, boating and Cornwall.

Click the link below for the first chapter of Red Admiral a Voyage Around Cornwall, including a watercolour painting, an oil painting and an illustrated map of Epic’s circumnavigation around the Cornish coast. You are welcome to download and enjoy this preview of my new book:

Download Red Admiral, A Voyage Around Cornwall – Chapter 1

The following are excerpts from the book:

Epic at Lawn House“The GCE year was a time of impatient expectation. Though really at school, we were creeping from our chrysalises. Still in limbo, we felt the presence of our destiny – downstairs. Prior to mutating, we glimpsed paint splattered older students moving huge canvasses into their tangy turpentine lairs. … contented ourselves with poster paints. … life-room door closed … curb imaginations … pretty, dressing-gowned models flitted by.”

St Michaels Mount“For much of the next hour my gaze was drawn to the Mount. Gradually, the mysterious form dominated the background hills. Architectural details on the summit became more defined. Behind me, the distant giant dishes of Goonhilly Downs were visible in the clear air. Fascinating as the radio telescope dishes were, they did not hold my attention for long. Ahead, the dramatic structure atop the steep-sided island demanded precedence…” Click to see St Michaels Mount excerpt.

Spanish Church“Ant was afloat in the Barbican Basin. Seventeen-foot Bermudan sloop (what a captivating name for class of boat). She sat forlornly in an oily backwater. Her once white topsides were yellowed and peeling … Sitting on a mouldy plastic bunk cover, I inspected bilge water slurping below a lifted section of cabin floor. It was all and more than my heart desired.”

“We listened with crushed emotions as the ex coal merchant explained the meaning of the spurious sign. … ushered us up to a vast old net loft … four large windows overlooking the harbour and out to sea … to a fledgling painter, pure, heart fluttering paradise.”

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